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CALL 2023


The Belcanto Academy selects opera singers and accompanying pianists for the Academic Year 2023.


The Academy is free of charge, and is divided into two educational paths:

- Course for classical singers with a focus in solo singing

- Course for accompanying répétiteur pianists / collaborating and stage maestros.

Didactic organization

The 5 day monthly internships will take place in Trentino and Alto Adige, starting in March. Locations and dates to be defined later.


a) Course for classical singers 

⁃ vocal technique and repertoire lessons

⁃ acting

⁃ literature and history of melodrama

⁃ masterclasses with renowned singers, opera agents and artistic directors

⁃ seminars on phoniatrics and vocology

- individual motor activity paths with a physiotherapist / personal trainer

⁃ seminars on osteopathy, posturology, naturopathy, music therapy

- counseling and psychology of performance 

⁃ basic classical dance for opera singers

⁃ diction and pronunciation courses in Italian, German, French, Spanish


b) Course for accompanying pianists / collaborators and stage teachers

⁃ lessons in piano technique and operatic repertoire

⁃ practice of accompaniment

⁃ rudiments of conducting

⁃ masterclasses with renowned pianists, agents and artistic directors

⁃ literature and history of melodrama

⁃ rudiments of vocal technique and vocology for accompanying pianists

⁃ individual motor activity paths with a physiotherapist / personal trainer

- counseling and psychology of performance 

⁃ seminars on osteopathy, posturology, naturopathy, music therapy

⁃ diction and pronunciation courses in Italian, German, French, Spanish


With the participation of the students, the realization of the 2nd International Festival of Belcanto Academy, concerts with piano and orchestra, and a production to be defined.

Extract of the Regulations:


Candidates must commit to their availability in advance to attend the courses of the Academy regularly and to hold concerts and events that will be organized. Those who will pass the selections and are admitted to the Academy will have to attend at least 75% of the lessons in order to obtain the right to the final diploma and to each

any further activity of the Academy (auditions for theaters and managers, concerts, opera performances, etc).


Main teachers:


M ° William Matteuzzi, world-famous tenor and teacher at the most prestigious academies

M ° Giacomo Fornari, musicologist, director of the Conservatory of Bolzano 

Mrs. Giovanna Lomazzi, vice president and Casting manager A.S.L.I.C.O

M° Vincenzo De Vivo, artistic director of Accademia d’Arte Lirica di Osimo 

M° Mauro Gabrieli, director of the artistic field, Teatro Comunale, Bologna

M° Stefano Conticello, pianist and orchestra director, maestro substitute at Teatro Comunale di Bologna

M° Iorio Zennaro, tenor and voice teacher with long experience 
Dott.ssa Orietta Calcinoni, otolaryngologist and phoniatrician, responsable ENT at Teatro alla Scala di Milano

M° Aldo Tarabella, director and artistic consultant at Teatro del Giglio di Lucca
M° Elena Rizzo, casting manager Fondazione Petruzzelli di Bari
M° Marco Voleri, tenor and artistic director of Teatro Goldoni - Festival Mascagni di Livorno
M° Franco Silvestri, opera agent at International Opera Management di Verona

M° Salvatore La Rosa, choir director, teacher at the “Bonporti” Conservatory of Trento

Dott. M° Marco Podda, phoniatrician and composer
Dott.ssa Mariella Micarelli, music therapist

Dott.ssa Elettra Nilo, osteopath
M° Klaus Saccardo, actor and director

Dott. Federico Busarello, kinesiologist and head of the Motor Activity Center

Dott. Lucio Parmeggiani, neurologist, Ospedale Civile di Bolzano
Dott.ssa Doris Ebner, counselor

M ° Elisa Canton, classical dancer

M ° Massimo Lambertini, Pianist, conductor and teacher at Conservatory of Trento; general coordinator

Dr. Francesca Micarelli, Opera Singer, Violinist and Vocologist; artistic director

M ° Sebastiano Beozzo, organizational coordinator and IT manager


In cooperation with The Almamed Hotel S.Leonardo Trento, MusicAlma e Valsugana Help. 

Admission requirements:


Opera singers and pianists of any nationality are admitted to the selection without any age, religion or ethnicity limit or discrimination.




Participants will be selected through curriculum vitae and audio-video material, which must be sent no later than February 20, 2023; suitable candidates will undergo a motivational interview online.


Applications must be accompanied by artistic curriculum, photo, copy of a valid identity document (passport in the case of citizens of non-EU countries), audio-video material with a list of the songs sent.


All registrations for the audition must be sent by email to the artistic direction:


For more information, you can contact the management via WhatsApp at +393483590567.

M° William Matteuzzi

Tenore di fama internazionale e docente nelle più importanti Accademia italiane ed estere

Giovanna Lomazzi.jpg
Sig.ra Giovanna Lomazzi

Vicepresidente e Casting Manager As.Li.Co Teatro Sociale di Como

Prof. Cordelia Höfer-Teutsch

Pianista e Docente presso Mozarteum University di Salisburgo

Dott. Federico Busarello

Chinesiologo e Personal Trainer, Training fisico del cantante lirico e del musicista

M° Carlo Grante

Pianista concertista e docente presso il Conservatorio "C. Monteverdi" di Bolzano

M° Augusto Faggioli

Regista e Docente di arti recitative presso il Conservatorio "F A. Bonporti" di Trento

M° Giacomo Fornari 

Musicologo, Direttore del Conservatorio "C. Monteverdi" di Bolzano

giusi academy.jpg
M° Giuseppina Piunti 

Soprano e mezzosoprano, esperienza in master di interpretazione scenica

M° Marco Voleri

Tenore e Direttore Artistico del Mascagni Festival

M° Elisa Canton 

Ballerina classica, danza motricità, danza classica per cantanti lirici 

M° Matthias Ludwig

Repertorio tedesco e Liederistica, Coach di lingua tedesca

M° Franco Silvestri 

Agente Lirico

Dott. Elettra Nilo 

Esperta in Osteopatia e posturologia

Dott. Riccardo Dalledonne

Chinesiologo e Personal trainer, 

 Training del cantante lirico e del musicista

riccardo .jpg
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