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The Belcanto Academy was born in September 2013 at the Poleeni Theater in Pieksàmàki in Finland from an idea by Francesca Micarelli (soprano, musician, singing teacher and vocologist). The project was immediately a great success and strong are created
synergies with Italy, leading to the creation of the opera Marriage of Figaro in April 2016 with two casts
The Belcanto Academy extends its success by arriving at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki to arrive in Italy in the summer of 2017, in Levico Terme, where the first "International Opera Festival" dedicated to Maria Callas is organized with the support of the Municipal Administration. Thus began a close collaboration with the City of Levico Terme and the first two years (2018 and 2019) of the Academy were held with the permanent teachers Francesca Micarelli and Massimo Lambertini (Pianist and conductor) and numerous internationally renowned guests.
In Italy the academy takes the name of Belcanto Academy Opera Studio city of Levico Terme, while in Finland, where it is still active, it remains with the name of Belcanto Academy.


// 2017

The Municipality of Levico, under the decisive push of the Delegated Councilor for Culture Dr. Guido Orsingher and the Mayor Dr. Michele Sartori, therefore proposes, for the first time, the International Opera Festival, a week full of masterclasses, seminars and concerts; for opera singing masterclasses. A call for applications is created and more than 25 artists are selected, including singers and master accompanists.
The Festival is a success, and in particular the very successful initiative of the masterclass launches the idea of a stable Academy with
headquarters in Levico Terme.


Teachers of the 2017 summer masterclasses:
Francesca Micarelli / vocal technique and physical activation
Massimo Lambertini / repertoire and preparation of pianists
Giovanna Lomazzi / operatic interpretation
Gioacchino Gitto / opera concert
Luca Fantarella / actor training
Marco Podda / phoniatry and vocal hygiene


// 2018

With the support of the Municipality of Levico Terme and the decisive financial contribution also of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the first
announcement of the nascent Accademia Opera Studio Città di Levico Terme, aimed at selecting 3 types of artists: solo singers, singers
lyricists for the training of choir artists, pianists for the training of master collaborators. Furthermore, the project is also proposed
"International Guest Students". The auditions take place in January and February 2018 and 22 solo singers from all over the world are selected, 3 choral singers and 5 pianists.
Francesca Micarelli is artistic director, creator of the project and permanent teacher of vocal technique, and Massimo Lambertini is director
general, organizational coordinator and permanent teacher of repertoire and training of master collaborators.

Guest lecturers of 2018:
Orietta Calcinoni / phoniatrician and otolaryngologist, Teatro alla Scala in Milan
Franco Silvestri / agent, Lirica International Opera Management of Verona
Paolo Equisetto / physiotherapist
Carlo Antonio de Lucia / director
Marco Podda / phoniatrician, Verdi Theater of Trieste
Paolo Mandelli / Lirico agent
Giovanna Lomazzi / casting manager, Aslico
William Matteuzzi /  Tenor and singing teacher
Federico Busarello / personal trainer and kinesiologist
Giacomo Fornari / musicologist, director of the Bolzano conservatory

Many of the students of 2018 have subsequently successfully undertaken theatrical activity; in the final concert the diplomas are awarded
and the best students are distinguished with a diploma of merit with mention: Davide Benigno, tenor; Giuliana Di Stefano, soprano;
Beatrice Amato, mezzo-soprano; Mirjam Gruber, Soprano; Ezio Salvaterra, countertenor.
In addition to the six monthly stages, the Second Opera Festival dedicated to the well-known tenor William Matteuzzi is also held, with an extraordinary stage of the teachers and students of the Academy, seminars and concerts by the students.
The academy logo is created.
In August 2018 the artistic director and the general director went to New York to select new voices.


// 2019

The second academic year includes 3 directions: that of solo singer, that of collaborating master pianists and, instead of singers with
lyric choir address, vocal qualifications, with 3 places reserved for residents in the Province of Trento. On February 25, 2018 one
commission made up of 8 teachers admits 20 artists, 16 solo singers and 4 pianists. The "Guest students" project remains active
The Academy is enriched with new teachers, including Maestro William Matteuzzi as main guest teacher, and internships: 7 are scheduled, plus the one in the Third Opera Festival; the October internship takes place in Greece in the town of Selianitika at the Hellenikon Idyllion art center, and, thanks to the collaboration of Maestro Andreas Drekis, the students present hold two magnificent concerts on the island of Lefkada and in the city of Aygio.
During the year several concerts are held and during the Opera Festival, this year entitled "The Mozart Effect" to seal the link between science and art which is the basis of the philosophy of the Belcanto Academy, a collaboration is started with
Alpen Classica Festival: the best singers perform in Bressanone and Levico with the Festival orchestra.

Teachers of the examining commission:
William Matteuzzi (President), Francesca Micarelli, Massimo Lambertini, Giovanna Lomazzi, Carlo Grante (established pianist and teacher at the Bolzano conservatory), Antonella Costa and Elisabetta Vegetti (both pianists and teachers at the Trento conservatory), Giacomo Fornari (musicologist and director of the Bolzano conservatory)

Francesca Micarelli, artistic director, creator of the project and permanent teacher of vocal technique and vocology; Massimo Lambertini
general director, organizational coordinator and permanent teacher of repertoire and training of master collaborators.

Guest teachers:
William Matteuzzi / tenor and singing teacher, principal guest teacher
Giovanna Lomazzi / Aslico casting manager
Carlo Grante / renowned pianist and teacher, Bolzano Conservatory
Richard Sigmund / singer, teacher and conductor
Federico Busarello / personal trainer and kinesiologist
Cesare Scarton / director and teacher of scenic art, Conservatory of
Saint Cecilia of Rome
Giacomo Fornari / musicologist, director of the Bolzano conservatory
Lucio Parmeggiani / neuropsychiatrist, Bolzano Civil Hospital
Franco Silvestri / agent, Lirica International Opera Management
Orietta Calcinoni / phoniatrician, Teatro alla Scala in Milan
Antonella Costa / piano teacher, Trento conservatory
Salvatore la Rosa / teacher of Music Theory and Exercises
Choirs, Conservatory of Trento
Elisa Perini / Osteopath

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